Friday, October 31, 2008

The Infamous DUCK comstume!!!!!

I LOVE this duck costume! I got it on clearance in 2004 at Kohl's for $9.99. We had gotten a lot of use out of it, and I've saved it for each boy to wear. This year, we finally got our 3rd boy into the infamous "Duck" costume!!! Here's a nice timeline...
Kieran 2008
Cami 2007
Dylan 2005
And just in case you all were wondering.. yes, we intend to save it for a couple of more years, and put Liam in it as well! =)

Dylan's Halloween Party!

For Dylan's Halloween Party, I made Spider Cupcakes. ***Thanks Aunt Mimi for this awesome idea!

Cami helped me!
We dyed the yellow cake mix ORANGE!
We let them cool...
Then, frosted them, and VOILA! Scary spiderweb cupcakes!
Dylan had a great time at his party!
Here's his whole class!
Dylan and Sarah.. but she "not his girlfriend!" Tee hee!
Liam came too dressed for the occasion!

Happy Halloween!

The WHOLE Gang! Our bestest friends ever! TOP ROW: Suzanne, Kevin, Sara, Michael, Jason, Jennifer BOTTOM ROW: Kim, Mark, Sara, Cameron
Jason wore Sara's "Peg" wig! We were laughing hysterically!
Our bestest friends Sara and Cam came as "Mac" and PC! Too funny!
The boys! Clyde, Napoleon, Al, Sheriff?, PC
Also, here's a pic of Dylan and his 1st place pumpkin that he entered in the New Union Elementary pumpkin contest! (Kev helped.. a little!)

This year, Kev and I went to a Halloween Party as Napoleon Dynamite and Deb.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pics of our home!

Here's our home!
Family room, the boys just dumped the toy box!
Here's our kitchen.. and yes, it's always cluttered! LOL*
Fall Fall Fall!!
Our entry way/dining room!

Our downstairs bathroom!
Liam's Nursery!