Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Abby!

Abby is really good with the boys!
She's a beautiful color, a golden yellow with brown eyes!

I never got my girl, so Abby has pink everything.. collar, 2 leashes, and her press on nails which I'll try to get a pic of sooN!

Our adventure with Abby begins last week when Kevin and I decided to google a search for Goldendoodles for sale in Nashville, TN. A result came up listing a "5 mth old, female Goldendoodle with papers = $75."

Curious, I called and spoke with the owner. She said she loved the dog, but couldn't keep her due to moving out of state. Kevin and I loaded up the kids in the van, and drove to Nashville to get our longed for Goldendoodle! When we arrived, I saw the "rare smooth haired Goldendoodle" and knew instantly the owner had lied. However, the dog was pretty enough, and the living conditions in the teeny, urine stenched apartment tugged at my heart strings, and we couldn't leave her.

The next day at our vet appointment, we learned more about our "Goldendoodle." Abby is actually 7-8 mths old, a yellow lab/chow (and some other mutt), and the vet which the owner assured us we could call to get her shot records, didn't even exist! Despite everything, we love Abby, and she is sweet as pie. She's gentle with the boys, and a good companion. We thank the Lord for bringing her into our lives!